Flanders Route
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Flanders Route

952 km - 5155 meters

Can’t choose? No problem: this best-of route takes you along the finest highlights from all corners of Flanders. Grease your chain, for the Flanders Route combines your wildest cycling fantasies into a single experience. From undulating fields through iconic art cities and historic villages to the sea: you only really experience it all from a bike, with your feet planted firmly on the pedals and the wind at your back.

It’s best to take your time with the Flanders Route - believe us, it’s worth it. What about a half day cycling through the polders, and then a stroll around picturesque Bruges? Or cycling from below Brussels through the forest-rich suburbs of the capital. You can decide whether to complete the entire route, taking you all through Flanders, or a day trip along part of the route. There are possibilities aplenty.

But whatever you choose, you should always end a day in the saddle with a refreshing ‘pintje’ in one of our many cycling cafés. Taking a longer trip? Then enjoy a taste of our hospitality at an inviting B&B, and then, refreshed, resume your trip the next day. What are you waiting for?


Follow the cycle nodes 59 and 13 to cross the Scheldt on Walloon territory at the Escanaffles bicycle bridge.