Scheldt Route
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Scheldt Route

181 km - 477 meters

The hardest bit of the Scheldt Route is deciding where to stop and picnic. In the countryside on the wetlands in Avelgem? Along the picturesque canal at Spiere-Helkijn? Or perhaps on the Graslei, like a real citizen of Ghent?

The Scheldt links together a number of our finest art cities. You will discover the Oudenaarde of painter Adriaan Brouwer, but you’ll also come across castles in Laarne and Antwerp and fishing villages on your route. You follow the hunting track and allow the landscape to sweep by, wind in your hair. There is a ferry boat, nature alternating with typical Gothic along the river, everywhere traces of maritime history, fishing that goes hand in hand with gastronomy. And we haven’t even mentioned how beautiful and various the river itself is. Worthy of Instagram, at the very least!

Another plus point: because the water crosses the route, you regularly encounter ferry services in the middle of the typical waterland with its many flood areas, also known as the Sigma Plan. There are 12 ferries in total, which can quickly and safely sail you across the Scheldt, Rupel or Durme. The perfect break, if you ask us.