Kempen Route
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Kempen Route

203 km - 763 meters

A change is as good as a rest, so they say. And we certainly have a lot of changes in store for you. The Kempen Route alternates forest and heathland and industrial heritage - hello, mine sites of Genk! — and all this while following an old coal railway.

And it becomes even more special, for on this cycle route, you ride metres above ground level, through the treetops. And you can also go through the water if you like: take a dip in the Kempen lakes or exchange your saddle for a place in a canoe to take you across the Kleine Nete. Unless, of course, you’ve already taken a dip in the Lilse Bergen or the swimming pond at De Hoge Rielen.

Even more spectacle? Well, here is the Sleeping Giant of Kasterlee, a crest on the dunes such as you would expect in the Sahara, not here. And you end at a beautiful sight (as if the rest of the trip hadn’t been a sumptuous feast for the eye) via a majestic castle avenue that takes you back into Antwerp, in the direction of Park Spoor Noord. Pheww!